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The Caulfield Properties Team is comprised of a versatile group of knowledgable and down to earth professionals who pride themselves on being able to relate to their clients on various levels, making this sometimes stressful endeavor a more enjoyable and seamless one. 

Kevin Caulfield is a name that is highly revered throughout the city of Boston and the surrounding areas.  As a client of Kevin, you will always have him in your corner, fighting for what is in your best interest.  He will leave no stone unturned in your search for the right home.  In this team, loyalty and hard work are just some of the characteristics that trickle down from the top.

As of Q3 2018, The Caulfield Properties Team held a large portion of the new development projects throughout Boston, with over 150 units of inventory, and more on the horizon.  

We implore you to consider these reasons to work directly with our team, whether it's purchasing one of our numerous new development listings, selling your home, or just beginning your search.  We build genuine relationships and leverage our name and network to benefit you in your next move.